Interested In Block Paving For Your Driveway or Patio

Interested In Block Paving For Your Driveway or Patio

Laying Your Own Paving on Driveway or Patio

A standout amongst the most well-known kinds of finishes you can install is brick paving or Tegula paving. It offers great value and gives excellent durability for both foot traffic and vehicle traffic. Your paving is available in different ranges of sizes, textures and thickness so as to give clients the largest options for use on there driveway or patio.

Paving is something that you can lay yourself, in any case, it very well may be very overwhelming and except if you have the correct tools and have some past experience, you really should think about hiring a driveway paving or garden paving specialists to handle it for you.

If you are thinking of laying your own paving on a driveway or patio area and are not sure on how best to proceed with the installation there is a video below to guide you. If you have any questions. always consult a paving installer to get the right information. Experience is always key when installing paving.

For instance, paving is generally accessible now as a 50mm paving previously, the most common thickness was 60mm for paving. This was brought down in thickness since the average driveway does not need the extra thickness support of a 60mm.

On driveways that will have HGV vehicles on it, opting for the 60mm is the smart choice as it will give you extra security when compared with a 50mm block paving brick.


On roadways, the normal sort of square paving is 80mm. This isn’t on the grounds that 60mm can’t withstand the traffic, it’s the steady vehicular traffic including 20 Tonne trucks that makes issues. The 80mm pavior is brilliant because of its additional weight won’t move around like the thinner versions.

The next decision is to pick the style of paving, you can choose standard paving or a Tegula style paving which is commonly laid in 3 sizes. It is laid in stretcher bond rows that are offset to balance the joints. This is imperative as it will permit better interlocking of your square paving.

The most widely recognized kind of paving is as yet the standard herringbone design in a style like Pedesta paving from Tobermore. It is the cheapest version (somewhat less expensive than different variations) and when laid effectively, will interlock solid to guarantee a sturdy, strong paving area capable of supporting weight up to light lorries.

Even though block paving is semi permeable, it still requires require drainage to handle larger amounts of surface water from downpours on your driveway, patio or garden area. The question is if it is to be natural drainage like a lawn or if it requires hard drainage like Aco drains to handle it.


Driveways and patio are target areas for rain. Regardless of the type of surface you have (excluding permeable) water has to be able to flow off of it and not stay pooling on it.

If water pools on your driveway, it can lead to damage occurring. With tarmac it can cause it to moss over and start unravelling. On block paving it will slowly erode the sand underneath the block paving.

When your driveway is being prepared from the start, the base levels need to be set as required to ensure the direction of the water flow is set. Now on larger areas, you can use a concrete channel drain to direct it along a smaller path. Alternatively, you can use channel drains like Aco drains to drain it away.

Edging kerbs are accessible which are the standard dim, concrete type. The paving range is called KL paving kerbs and are accessible in the most widely recognized styles of Charcoal, Brindle and Gray. With paving kerbs, you can have an slanted front, a rounded front or a square look to your kerb. You can browse around to see the sorts of paving that is available.



An appropriately paved driveway or paved patio should effectively last you at least 5 years before you have any issues with it. We suggest yearly inspections and spring maintenance on your driveway or patio to guarantee it remains in great condition.

Remember the choices are endless with block paving on your driveway or patio so make sure to take your time and pick what suits both your budget and taste. There is combinations available for everyone!

Amid your upkeep of it, on the off chance that you have pressure washed it down, try to top up your paving joints with crisp silver sand which you can buy from any local paving yard.